What do Learning Styles have to do with Driving Lessons

I have been asked many times about how the different ways people learn or their learning styles affect their experiences while driver training. It’s a good question. We know people learn in different ways and it’s essential that driving lessons adapt to what the learner needs.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of several instruments that can help figure out a person’s learning style and therefore is useful in adapting driving lessons to better meet their needs.  MBTI breaks down a person’s learning style into 4 groups or indicators including 1. Extrovert or Introvert, 2. Sensing or Intuition, 3. Thinking or Feeling, and 4. Judging or Perceiving. When a MBTI test is given it provides an understanding, to the driver instructor, of how an individual’s communication styles and personality traits impact how they learn.

For example a person may want to have the information presented to them in a step by step manner because they prefer to learn in a systematic, logical and concrete way. Another person may prefer to first figure out where driving fits into their world because they love to play with ideas and often look at them in abstract ways. Another person may like to have information and experiences combined in a series of lessons.

Some students like to talk about ideas while they are learning. One thing that often works for them is discussing while they drive.  I know people on their road tests who when they were on their road talked through what they were doing as they drove. Others like to have the information beforehand so they have an opportunity to process it and make a plan ahead of time.

With MBTI you can see how different learning styles effect how you can best learn to drive. As a driver instructor, if I know what your learning and communication styles are, I can ensure your driving lessons are adapted to fit what you need.

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